Software to make the most of retirement savings.

Use Harbor's online tools to contextualize adding a Personal Pension of fixed annuities to a retirement portfolio

It ensures guaranteed income for the essentials, and financial security for life

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More Spending Power

Spend up to 50% more per year in retirement.

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Less Market Volatility

Certain income every year, regardless of market volatility.

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Lifetime Income Security

Income guaranteed for life by top-rated insurance companies.

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Technology + Expertise

Always on technology, and experts always there to help.

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The freedom of guaranteed income.

Americans work hard and they should have the chance to live the retirement they want.

A Personal Pension of fixed annuities helps individuals get the most out of their savings by converting a portion into a monthly paycheck that's guaranteed for life by insurance companies. With a guaranteed paycheck to cover essential expenses, there is more freedom to enjoy other savings without worrying about running out of money.

Use Harbor's software to start the conversation and to show a path to achieving more for yourself or your clients.

For Financial Professionals For Individuals

What is a Personal Pension?

A Personal Pension is a way to describe the lifetime stream of income obtained through the use of fixed annuity contacts backed by top-rated insurance companies.

Financial Professionals

Use Harbor's technology to contextualize the conversation around income in retirement and how fixed annuities fit the need.


Find a financial professional and walk through Harbor's tools to set up fixed annuities to provide a Personal Pension of retirement income.

Fixed annuities may only be purchased through a licensed professional. The specifics and availability of such contracts will vary and you should consult qualified professionals with any questions.

For Financial Professionals For Individuals

Harbor is an education and workflow resource and should not be construed as a solicitation to sell any financial product. You sould consult with qualified professionals in tax, insurance, accounting, and financial advice to determine if fixed annuities are a fit for your financial situation.