A financially secure retirement for every American.

Every American should have the opportunity to build a secure retirement. We are setting a new standard for what security means with software to help financial professionals and individuals collaborate on building Personal Pensions—guaranteed income from fixed annuities.


American’s are worried about outliving their savings.

In fact, it’s their top financial fear. With retirementlasting longer, and social security on the brink of default, it's easy to understand why.
The retirement system today offers plenty of options, but very little certainty. Plenty of advice, but no guarantees.

We want to provide a better path to a secure retirement.

As financial professionals ourselves, we know that financial security is an important first step to empowerment. It frees individuals from worry, so they can pursue their dreams.
We set out to re-write the narrative by delivering the simplest easiest way to build a foundation of guaranteed lifetime income—software that contextualizes and streamlines the planning and creation of a Personal Pension of fixed annuities.

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Finance professionals and technologists, passionate about ensuring the financial well-being of every American.

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Financial professionals and insurance companies who share our interest in America's financial well-being.

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