A secure foundation for a retirement portfolio.

At Harbor, we believe guaranteed lifetime income is a vital building block for retirement security. We developed our software to help financial professionals and individuals collaborate on builidng a Personal Pension of fixed annuity contracts as a foundation to cover the cost of essentials like food, housing, and transportation—even if other savings run out. In retirement, it's an important complement to a traditional investment portfolio.

Unlock the power of guaranteed income.

The benefits of guaranteed income are backed by decades of economic research. It's a proven strategy that's been used for decades by financial advisors to maximize the security and spending power for their clients. Our software helps you do the same for yourself or your clients.

More Spending Power

With the same total savings, individuals with a Personal Pension of fixed annuities can safely spend up to 50% more1 per year in retirement.

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Less Market Volatility

Fixed annuities can be set up to provide the same income every year—no market risk. That’s peace of mind you just can’t get with traditional portfolios.

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Lifetime Security

Personal Pensions of fixed annuities provide income that lasts for life—you’ll always have some income to cover essentials, no matter how long your retirement lasts.

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For Financial Professionals For Individuals

The best path to a foundation of guaranteed income.

We provide software so you can design a Personal Pension of fixed annuities to provide guaranteed income through your retirement.


We'll help personalize a plan to satisfy retirement goals with income. Our technology tailors guidance based on personal preferences, and a holistic view of financial accounts.


With Harbor, it's easy to monitor and adjust how fixed annuities fit into a reitrement plan, with just a few clicks. We have delightful online tools that eliminate annoying paper materials.


Financial professionals and consumers can work side-by-side iterating on how lifetime income fits into a retirement portfolio, improving communication and saving time in the process.

A personal pension from Harbor serves as the foundation of a financially secure retirement.

Harbor's Personal Pension serves as the foundation of a financially secure retirement.

When it comes to retirement, one size doesn't fit all.